His & His Edition

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😈 Guaranteed To Get Freaky
😉 The Naughtiest Couple Drinking Game
🔥 Over 100,000 Couples Love This Worldwide

Ready For A Spicy Date Night? 🔥

The Naughtiest Couple Date Night Drinking Game For Guys 💦
Designed To Test How Freaky You & Your Partner Really Are 😈
Perfect For Date Nights, Anniversaries, Birthdays & More!
125 Cards Designed To Get You Drunk, Wild & Freaky 👉🏼👌🏽
5 Categories
- Freak Or Drink
- Never Have I Ever
- 3,2,1
- Drink If...
- Mini Games
Designed To Get You Drunk NO Matter How Freaky You Are! 👀
Take Turns To Reveal Your Partner's Inner Kinks 😏
2 Player Games
Approximately 45+ Minute Game.

Freak Or Drink?

The ultimate couple game designed to test your freak.


Test How Well You Know Your Partner.

Never Have I Ever...

Reveal Your Inner Kinks & Sexual Desires

There are 125 cards, 4 categories and 10 mini games.

Shuffle the cards and each player must pick a card at random and read aloud.

Freak Or Drink - If you pick this card you must decide whether you want to complete the naughty dare or forfeit and take a drink.

Drink If - Drink if you would do whatever is on the card.

3,2,1 - Test how well you know your partner. Read the question and on the count of 3 you must say your answer and your partner must reveal if you are correct. If you guess wrong then you must drink.

Never Have I Ever - If you have done whatever is on the card then you must drink.

Wild Cards - Mini games to bring the competition.


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