Group Edition

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😈 Guaranteed To Get Freaky
😉 The Naughtiest Group Drinking Game
🔥 Over 100,000 People Love This Worldwide


Need A House Party Motive? 🎉

The Naughtiest Group Drinking Card Game 💦
Designed To Test Your Freak 😈

This Is The Perfect Freaky Party Drinking Game!
100 Cards and 2 Spicy Categories
Adding A Dirty Twist To The Truth Or Dare Questions
You've Been Playing Since Your Late Teens.
These Wild Questions And Dares Are To Have Your Friends
Admit To Some Naughty Truths Or Do Some Naughty Dares.
Designed To Get You And Your Friends Drunk, Wild & Freaky 👉🏼👌🏽

Categories Include; Freak Or Drink & Never Have I Ever

Shuffle The Cards & Take Turns To Reveal Your Friends Freaky Side 😏

4+ Player Game
Approximately 45+ Minute Game.

Freak Or Drink?

The ultimate party game full of dirty dares.

Never Have I Ever...

Reveal how freaky you and your friends are!

Freak Or Drink!

Complete the dare or have a drink

There are 100 cards and 2 categories.

Shuffle the cards and each player must pick a card at random and read aloud.

Freak Or Drink - If you pick this card you must decide whether you want to complete the naughty dare or forfeit and take a drink.

Never Have I Ever - If you have done whatever is on the card then you must drink.