Ultimate Couple Bundle

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😈 Guaranteed To Get Freaky
😉 The Naughtiest Couple Drinking Game
🔥 Over 100,000 Couples Love This Worldwide

Ready For The Ultimate Date Night? 💦

The Perfect Bundle For The Ultimate Date Night At Home!
Including Our Best Selling
Original Couple Date Night Drinking Game
Couple Date Night Drinking Game 2.0
Freak Or Drink Snap Edition
Add these games together to create an expanded pack full of 215 freaky cards.

Categories Include;

- 10 x Mini Games
- Freak Or Drink?
- Drink If...
- Never Have I Ever...
- 3,2,1

Freaky Snap Has 100 Cards Designed To Get You
Drunk & Trying New Positions 😈
Inside is 25 S*x Positions to complete.
 Take Turns Playing The Classic Card Game SNAP
With A Freaky Twist! 😏
Perfect For Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines & More!
Are You Ready To Get Drunk, Wild & Freaky? 👉🏼👌🏽

Freak Or Drink?

Test Your Partners Freak
Complete The Naughty Dare Or Forfeit & Take A Drink

Never Have I Ever...

Reveal Your Inner Kinks & Sexual Desires
If You Have Done What Is On The Card Then You Drink

Drink If...

Talk About Wild Fantasies Never Discussed Before
Drink If You Would Do Whatever Is On The Card

Freak Or Drink

Shuffle the cards and each player must pick a card at random and read aloud.

Freak Or Drink - If you pick this card you must decide whether you want to complete the naughty dare or forfeit and take a drink.

Drink If - Drink if you would do whatever is on the card.

3,2,1 - Test how well you know your partner. Read the question and on the count of 3 you must say your answer and your partner must reveal if you are correct. If you guess wrong then you must drink.

Never Have I Ever - If you have done whatever is on the card then you must drink.

Wild Cards - Mini games to bring the competition.

Freaky Snap:

1. Shuffle The Cards And Divide The Deck Between You And Your Partner.
2. Take It In Turns Placing One Card On Top Of Each Other. When A Pair Of The Same Position Is Placed On Top Of Each Other You Must Call SNAP!
3. When Snap Is Called You Must Complete The Position On The Card.
5. Simple! The Winner Is The Player At The End Who Has The Most Pairs.


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