Couple Edition 2.0

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😈 Guaranteed To Get Freaky
😉 The Naughtiest Couple Drinking Game
🔥 Over 100,000 Couples Love This Worldwide


Ready To Get Extra Freaky? 🤤

The Second Edition to our Couple Date Night Drinking Game Series! 💦
Designed to get you EVEN more Drunk, Wild & Freaky!
Including 100 More Cards Designed To Test Your Freak 😈
2 Categories Inside:
65 x Freak Or Drink Cards
35 x Drink If... Cards
With only these 2 categories and EVEN MORE Freak or Drink Cards... you can be sure you'll be getting lot's of freaky action for the both of you! 👀
Perfect For Date Nights, Anniversaries, Birthdays & More!

Add Couple 2.0 to our original COUPLE EDITION to complete the Series.
Shuffle The Cards & Take Turns To Reveal Your Partner's Inner Kinks 😏

Freak Or Drink?

We Have Added More Dirty Challenges
Complete The Naughty Dare Or Forfeit & Take A Drink

Drink If...

Get's You Drunk Even If You Do All The Dares
Drink If The Card Applies To You

Freaks Love This!

We Make The Naughtiest Drinking Games

This game can be played on its own or along side our original Couples Edition.

There are 100 cards and 2 categories.

Shuffle the cards and each player must pick a card at random and read aloud.

Freak Or Drink - If you pick this card you must decide whether you want to complete the naughty dare or forfeit and take a drink.

Drink If - Drink if you would do whatever is on the card.


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