Date Night Bundle

Date Night Bundle

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Freak Or Drink now in collaboration with Scratch & Date the ultimate dating bucket list. 

Grab yourself the Ultimate valentines gift this year featuring Freak or drinks couple date night drinking game and Scratch and Dates dating bucket list journal!

Introducing Scratch & Date, the one-of-a-kind bucket list journal. This tool provides a unique way for you to strengthen your relationship, by suggesting date ideas to encourage you to build deeper connections together. Scratch & Date Consists of 50 unique date ideas ranging from £0-£50 with the surprise mystery of not knowing what the date will be until you scratch it off. All dates can be altered to fit within your budget. Once it is scratched off you must complete it, so fully emerge yourself into this dating journey together.

- This date night book contains 50 unique date ideas to scratch off and complete.

- It comes inside a scratch and date box - perfect for storage and to keep the book safe.

- Each book also comes with a scratcher to scratch the dates off.

- Use the clues provided in the key to choose at random which date idea you would like to complete.

- Use the scratcher to reveal the unique hidden date idea.

- Complete the dates and fill in the journal with pictures and notes on how the date went as a keep sake to look back on.